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Global Telecommunications

Save 40% to 60% on most calls
- Discount international calls from anywhere in the world using International Callback.
- Get your own toll free number and every call made to that number will be forwarded to you anywhere in the world using CallMe800.

- Trigger a Callback
- Change CallBack Number
- Change CallMe800 Number
- Account Administration
- View recent Call Details

To login your accont:

- Callback
- CallMe800

- Request information

- Customer Service:
Argentina: +54 381 425 4894
USA: +1 201 537 4362


How does it work?
When you become a customer, we assign to you a unique and exclusive US phone number, your access number. To place a call through our network, you dial your access number and hang up at the first ring. Because the call was not completed, no charges are assessed by your local telecommunications provider.

Seconds later, our computer calls you back. Pick up the receiver and you will hear a voice prompt that lets you know you are connected our network. You enter the destination number you wish to call, and we connect you.

Every month, we send you a detailed invoice that tells you for every call you made the telephone number from which you placed the call, the country and number you dialed, the time and duration of the call, and the charge for the call.

Variable Callback Locations
Because many of our subscribers are on the move, we give them the capabability to change the number at which our computers call them back. No need to contact your agent. You can easily change the number using our Interactive Voice Response system.

Customized Greeting
If the telephone at which you wish to be called back is in a hotel, or connects through a manual switchboard, you can record a message asking the switchboard operator to connect the call to your room or office.

Cellular Mobility
You can use our service with a cellular telephone. Since most cellular operators (GSM operators) do not charge air time for calls received, you may not only save on long distance charges but also eliminate air time charges since our callbacks are perceived by your operator as incoming calls. Please verify with your cellular operator if they charge for incoming calls. Please note that our rates for callback from (or to) Cellular phones are often much higher than for landline. When inquiring about rate, make sure to specify Mobile or Cellular for that country.

Speed Dialing, Repeat Dialing and Instant Recall
For a faster connection to your most frequently called numbers, our system lets you pre- record as many as 99 numbers. Alternatively, we can record them for you at no charge at any time. If you want to make calls back to back, don't hang up. At the end of each call, just press the # key three times (###), wait for the voice prompt or new dial tone and compose your next destination number. To terminate a call session, just hang up or press the * key three times (***) and then hang up (hanging up without pressing the * key three times may sometimes cause the system to wait a few seconds before disconnecting the line).
To recall the last number dialed, just get a new voice prompt or dial tone, then press * #.

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