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Global Telecommunications

Save 40% to 60% on most calls
- Discount international calls from anywhere in the world using International Callback.
- Get your own toll free number and every call made to that number will be forwarded to you anywhere in the world using CallMe800.

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- Customer Service:
Argentina: +54 381 425 4894
USA: +1 201 537 4362


A unique Toll Free Number to be contacted anywhere in the world.
Do you want your customers, friends or relatives to reach you, at no charge to them, wherever you want without giving them a new phone number each time you travel or move? If so, CallMe800 is your solution.
We will provide you with a unique Toll Free Number to be used by your customers, relatives or friends. When a call is placed to your Toll Free Number, the call is automatically forwarded by our system to your destination number.
This destination number can be anywhere in the world (fixed or cellular) and you can modify it by phone or via Internet so that you can be reached anywhere.

Situation 1
You have an insurance company in Australia. Some of your customers are located in the USA. They will now be able to call you at no charge to them. They only have to dial your toll free number and the call will be forwarded to you in Australia.

Situation 2
You are a missionary and you are traveling each week. Instead of giving your family and relatives a new number each time you travel, give them now your toll free number. They will only have to remember your toll free number and the call will be forwarded to you wherever you are!

Vanity Numbers:

1 800 followed by 7 letters/numbers

If you are in the USA: you can even choose your own toll free number. For example, your company’s name is ABC corp. Choose 1-800ABCCORP or 1-866ABCCORP or 1-877ABCCORP to make your toll free number easier to remember. For only a ten dollar fee, we will check if this toll free number is available. Note: Currently this service, is only available from the USA.

Call me 0800 is currently available for toll free numbers accessible from:

USA   Australia*   Finland*   Luxembourg*   Germany*
Canada   Hungary*   Denmark*   Netherlands*
Ireland*   Mexico**   Hong Kong*   Norway*
France*   Spain**   Israel*   Sweden*
Italy*   New Zealand*   Japan*   Switzerland*
United Kingdom*   Belgium*   Korea South*   Thailand*

(*) $20 one time set up fee / $10 monthly fee
(**) $50 one time set up fee / $10 monthly fee / for calls to USA only
No set up fee / $2.95 monthly fee for USA and Canada toll free numbers

Important remarks:
· USA numbers can be assigned within 2 to 3 business days. Other countries may take up to 6 weeks.
· Calls made from a Pay Phone (only in the USA) will have a surcharge of USD 0.35 per call.
Some countries may require an initial fee for a "Call me" toll free numbers (please contact us for further details)

Features and Advantages:
The convenience to be reached anywhere.
Just give one number: your toll free number.
Very competitive rates.
Change your destination number whenever you want with no limits.
Call details on line.

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